Send a bouquet of flowers to Iran

Expressing love to our loved ones is one of our duties and at the same time our needs to communicate with those around us. There must have been occasions for you to prepare flowers for special occasions such as birthday wishes, marriages, welcoming travelers or condolences to your friends. But it's not always that simple, especially when there are distances between you and your loved ones, from one city to another or from one country to another. In such a situation, you can place an order to send flowers outside of Iran or send flowers to cities in Iran to shahrekado. We in shahrekado try to deliver your order in the shortest time and with the highest quality to any city and country. Flowers are the truest language of love, when you are not with your loved ones, let the flowers live with them instead of you, and as long as their fragrance wafts through the air, your presence will be felt by your loved ones.


Nowadays, the presence of distance or many preoccupations prevent us from being useful or expressing ourselves and our feelings with others; But with the existence of online stores such as ShahreKado, which operates in the field of sending flower bouquets to Iran, you can order beautiful and high-quality flowers and surprise your loved ones by writing a text and accompanying a gift with it.


To send flowers to Iran from Europe or other countries of the world, shahrekado selects your orders from among the freshest flowers and prepares them with the best art and taste of flower arrangement. In this way, with a conscious choice and always with you, you will not miss any occasion and even though you are not with your loved ones, by sending flowers to Iran, you can largely fill your void with a message of love and affection.


ShahreKado, while cooperating with the best flower shops, has prepared a wide variety of products for your order to send flowers to Tehran, send flowers to Shiraz, send flowers to Isfahan or other cities in Iran, which can only be done by visiting the ShahreKado website and choosing. You can be sure to send the desired flower to your loved ones without going through complicated procedures. Because we are determined to provide what you deserve and the answer of your trust with polite behavior and fast and error-free service. Currently, the shahrekado provides the services of sending flowers from America to Iran, sending flowers from Canada to Iran, and generally sending flowers from abroad to Iran for its compatriots.