Haji Badami

We are all aware that sugar is deleterious to health; Notably, if you always drink it with tea. Extreme consumption of non-natural sugars gradually causes different diseases. In place of consuming too much sugar, you can use other sweets. In this article, we intend to familiarize you with sweets that will be more useful for your health. Haji Badami sweets are kinds of sweets that belong to the city of Yazd. So you can easily buy it as a souvenir for those around you.

In addition, if you are keen on homemade foods and desserts, you can effortlessly make it in a short time. The inside of this sweet is empty and will never lose your interest in it. It is not probable that people travel to Yazd and do not purchase various kinds of traditional Yazd sweets. Right now, if you can not afford to travel to Yazd, we are here to describe one of the great Yazd sweets recipes. Therefore, follow the rest of this article to learn how to make Haj Badami. In order to send cakes to Iran with the help of the Shahrekado website, just click here.

Recipe for Haji Badami sweets

In addition to the fact that Haji Badami has a very simple cooking recipe, it does not need specific ingredients, and you can straightforwardly provide the essential ingredients. Of course, sweets prepared with nuts such as almonds will be much more suitable than pure sugar. If you are concerned about your health and your family’s health, attempt to replace natural and healthier pastries instead of sugar. There are also many pastries such as dates or almonds that cause you to have a robust and healthy body. If your child is not interested in nuts such as walnuts, almonds, raisins, and pistachios, you can extend his or her interest in regard to their flavor by baking pastries including these ingredients. Before we describe the instruction for this great Yazdi sweet, it is essential to explain the ingredients required to provide them.

 Haji Badami

Ingredients of Haji Badami

Egg yolk plays a vital role in preparing Haji Badami and you must divide 5 yolks from the eggs. Other ingredients such as 300 grams of powdered sugar, 1 tablespoon of cardamom powder jam, 75 grams of chickpea flour, 1 tablespoon of nutmeg jam, 150 grams of almond powder, and 1 tablespoon of baking powder are the ingredients that you need to bake Haji Badami. With this amount of components, you can prepare 20 to 30 Haji Badami pastries.

Steps of preparing Haji Badami

In the following, we will completely describe how to provide Haji Badami in 5 stages, and you should do them one by one to make a tasty Haji Badami. These 5 stages are:

1) Pick a big bowl so that you can combine the ingredients well when you add other ingredients in the next. Put the divided egg yolks into the bowl. Then pour powdered sugar, cardamom powder, and nutmeg. Combine the components with an electric mixer on high speed for 4 to 5 minutes to reach a mass that is two times bulkier than the previous one and also a different color. Clearly, if you utilize a hand mixer or fork, you will require to spend more time stirring to make a suitable mixture. Relying on your interest in the ingredients of this mixture, you can add up a tiny amount of dense melted saffron to give a fantastic flavor to your pastries.

2) In another bowl, mix the chickpea flour, baking powder, and almond powder and sift it in several times until it gets smooth. Right now, you can eventually add up this combination to the mixture of egg yolks, powdered sugar, cardamom powder, and nutmeg and combine it by hand. Make sure to wash your hands and wear gloves before mixing to have suitable hygiene. Ensure to use skinless almond powder in your combination so that your pastry is not destroyed.

3) The factor that causes your work in preparing Haji Badami to be simpler many times is that in the dough, there is no necessity to knead it. Just consider that by adding the chickpea flour combination, you will prepare the smooth and soft dough. If you add up chickpea flour and reach the favored form, you do not require using all 75 grams. Right now, the question arises of how to understand if we have prepared an appropriate and soft dough! We must mention that your dough reaches a suitable shape when it does not stick to the hands, and you can simply divide it from that part coincidently.

 Haji Badami

4) pick up the tray in the oven and overlay the bottom with greaseproof paper. Grease the surface of the greaseproof paper with a brush by adding a little oil. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Put it on greaseproof paper. Keep on doing this stage until your dough is finished. Ensure that you sort the round pallets on the greaseproof paper by space. When you are preparing hazelnut balls, set the oven at 190 degrees Celsius until it is totally heated.

5) The final stage is so sufficient, you should place the tray in the oven and hang it for 10 to 12 minutes to provide Haji Badami pastries. You can provide a tasty customary dessert at home without difficulty. Additionally, this pastry is fresh for a month and keeps its tasty flavor. Try to have it for at least two to three weeks.

How to prepare almond powder

Based on previous descriptions, the almond powder is one of the components that you require to bake Haji Badami. If you are keen on preparing this powder at home, you can chase the instruction below.

In the first, place as many almonds as you needed in boiling water. Then, hang them on the water to get cold. Right now you should totally divide the rind of the almonds from them and then put on textiles. Whenever the almonds are drained, you can pick up them from the textiles. Then saute in a pan with medium heat for 5 to 10 minutes. In the final stage, grind all the roasted almonds and after a few sifts, you have prepared the almond powder. You can take advantage of this homemade almond powder in different pastries.


As you see, this pastry is made in a straightforward stage and does not even need specific ability in confectionery. Many people, who are keen on cooking, initially tend to begin with sweets and simple foods. I suppose baking Haji Badami sweets will be one of the most appropriate alternatives for you. Thanks for reading this article. Now, if you want to send cakes to Iran, just click here and check out this part on the Shahrekado website.


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